Computer and Vocational Training

Mama Fatuma is pleased to be opening a new computer and vocational training centre on its property.  Through a generous grant from the British High Commission, a three-story structure facility was constructed to house an internet cafe, two computer labs, and a training centre for sewing and tailoring.  The home is currently offering tailoring classes which both serve the community and generate sustainable income for the home.  The home hopes to also offer computer, language, and civic awareness classes, but currently needs computers and other equipment. Once operational, the training centre will allow the home’s older children to enter appropriate computer and tailoring  classes at no cost to them or the home.  Vocational training and computer skills are vital to economic emancipation and self sufficiency in a rapidly modernizing and diversifying economy like Kenya’s.  Because vocational training and computer training are in high demand in Nairobi, the centre will provide the home with much needed sustainable income in addition to building vital skills in the community.  While we have secured some equipment, we will need more computers before the centre can begin operating. You can help by making a donation.